pettyI cannot stand pettiness, can you? As you read this, how many petty people come to mind? When we start out as a child, we don’t really understand about pettiness. However, we learn relatively quickly. Family members, school teachers, even parents sometimes can be very petty. When, as a child, you cleaned up your room, but a parent or guardian found some minor item you missed and then focused on it at first you probably didn’t understand. Eventually you may have begun to think they were just too picky. At some point it dawned on you that they were just simply petty. In  high school, as teenagers, we formed personality traits, some of us developed pettiness. I think it may have been more prevalent in girls as opposed to boys. I knew girls who wouldn’t associate with other girls or allow them into their groups because of their own pettiness. It was ridiculous. If a girl didn’t look, act, or speak they way the leader of the group did, she would be very petty about anything she considered an infraction and make the other girl’s life very uncomfortable. I saw a few instances in the movie “Thirteen Going on Thirty.” As adults, it seems with everything else going on in life, pettiness is unnecessary and just plain stupid. Between the stress of work, getting to and from work, trying to make ends meet, doing the best job you can, dealing with pettiness in the workplace makes not only you as a person more stressed but it creates an unhealthy work environment. If you have the unfortunate luck of working with a petty person, it may save you by trying to find another position.  If you are unable to do that, you may try a transfer to another department or section.  In a social environment, pettiness is not only annoying but completely unnecessary.  The best part about associating with someone that turns out to be petty, is that you can drop them as a friend or acquaintance. The only person in the Good Gus Series who is petty is Bad Bart but he is taught that being a bully and petty just doesn’t work in Pecos.