cell phone old stylecell phoneAlmost everyone everywhere have cell or mobile phones. Yesterday I spent most of the day at a hospital as a relative was having surgery. Everywhere I turned, everywhere I looked, except for another woman besides myself  people were playing with their phones. They were scrolling, texting, playing games, and there were two women there comparing data on Facebook. I read a hard cover book most of the time. I was there for over six hours. The person having the operation was on the table for two and one half hours. Needless to say it was a very long day. I did text whenever a family member asked me how the procedure was going. Have you ever been with a group of people and noticed how many of them were on their phones? How do you feel when you go out to dinner with friends and they are all on their phones? How many times have you been to restaurants trying to carry on a conversation and the person is too busy to listen to you because they are playing on their phones? I find it rude. The whole point in having dinner with other people is good conversation, catching up, and simply enjoying a pleasant evening with good company. Texting on phones has become so bad that it has been outlawed almost everywhere in the world where people drive a vehicle. I read the other day on the internet that Bruce Jenner was texting while driving and was responsible for a fatal accident in California. Phones seem to dominate people’s lives. There doesn’t seem to be any live in the moment. I am amazed as I would much rather enjoy a meal with lively conversation than sit there playing with my phone. I could stay home to do that. In the old west there were no phones. If people had something to say, they sent a letter, walked to the individual’s home or rode a horse and carriage there. The Good Gus Series gives children the opportunity to see that playing and just having fun is better than all the electronics in the world. Enjoying friends, reading, and helping others on a one to one basis is what its all about. I hope as you ponder new books for the child or children in your life for their library, you will consider a Good Gus book.