Special Gift, Good Gus Books, Christmas Book4-gushorse2-300x2401-150x150-largeThere is an old saying that goes something like this: “Life is what is happening while you are making other plans.” I don’t know if that is always true, but sometimes the best plans we make go awry. I saw an old sixties show on television where a teenage girl had plans to go on a school trip to a snow ski resort. Both boys and girls were attending. She was very excited until the boy she was seeing canceled. She then decided she wouldn’t go either. She was so upset that she wouldn’t even speak to him. Her mother feeling sorry for her convinced the dad to take her on a trip to Chicago, Illinois. She was very excited and just as they were about to leave her brother signaled her to follow him outside for a moment. There on the front porch was the boy who canceled. He felt she should know why he couldn’t go. When he explained that it was just too expensive she stopped being mad at him. He then asked her to go to an auto demolition exhibition the following night. Now she had a dilemma. Suddenly, all the plans made with her dad went out the window. She wanted to go with the boy. She pleaded with her mother for help. The mother told her to discuss with the dad whom when told was very unhappy. He relented and the mother disappearedĀ and returned with a small train case and basically told him they would have more fun together. Of course, a happy ending but it gave a bad example. When you make a commitment, or plans, it is my opinion you should stick to the plans. In the Good Gus Series, plans are made by Frankie and his cousin Liam in Book 23, “Run Blackie Run”. However, they become distracted and change their plans which does not work out for the better. As in all Good Gus Series, there is a happy ending. As you look at all the websites wondering what the basic story line is in your choices for books, I hope you will choose one from the Good Gus Series.