presidents picturesTomorrow is Presidents’ Day in the United States. Its a three day holiday week-end. The Government offices, the Post, many businesses and the banks are closed tomorrow. Presidents’ Day is an all encompassing holiday. Originally there were two holidays in February, Lincoln’s birthday and George Washington’s birthday. It was eventually combined into one holiday to honor not only Lincoln and Washington, but all the other Presidents that had served in the White House. Lincoln is best known for his Gettysburg address and the freeing of the slaves. Washington is named as the father of the United States. He was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and eventually drove the British out of the United States. What is amazing is that Presidents’ Day is not really celebrated in a way that you would think. If you are thinking that there are ceremonies honoring famous Presidents, parades, etc. there are but in limited areas. There are exhibits at museums and a few re-enactments in localized areas. What Presidents’ Day is really known for is sales. There are advertisements for sales of appliances, home goods, automobiles, and so much more. Its only importance is a day off from work, and sales! Granted the sales help the economy, but shouldn’t there be something more commemorating the famous men, some of whom were heroes? When I think of heroes, I don’t think of famous people. I think of parents working every day to provide the best for their families, people helping people particularly in times of crisis. That is the real basis of the Good Gus Series; people helping people. There is no one famous in Pecos, just hard working people looking out for one and other and doing the best they can. As you think about reading for the child or children in your life during spring break, please consider a book from the Good Gus Series.