children playingboys pretendingLet’s pretend was one of the early games we all learned as a child. We would pretend we were kings, queens or princesses. We would find old clothes that our parents would let us use and parade around pretending we were important and knew everything. As many of us grew, the let’s pretend sometimes turned into reality. Some people lived in less than desirable circumstances, wore used clothing, didn’t always have enough to eat, and had family that were abusive. Then it was a necessity to pretend so that classmates, other family members and friends didn’t know our circumstances. One of the brighter sides of let’s pretend was that it stimulated our imaginations. Many children as they progressed in age started to pretend to be policemen or women, firemen or women, an architect, a chef, a pilot, a cowboy or cowgirl, ┬áthe president of a country and so much more. One time when my daughter had a few of her friends over to play, they naturally played pretend. I had plenty of old outfits that they could use to use as dress up. There were four girls and they each chose a career that their mothers had or something close to it. One girl was a dentist, another girl was an interior decorator, my daughter was a business woman and the last girl was a maid. My daughter was really upset and wanted her to pretend to be something else, but the girl refused. Realizing that her mother was a maid, it was sad that the girl didn’t have higher aspirations. The girls argued for a few minutes before they finally gave up and let her be the maid. When our children play pretend, if we don’t teach them to have high hopes, they will settle. By playing pretend, it also gives them the opportunity to imagine what the career they have chosen is like. I think many writers have such active imaginations that they probably played a fair amount of pretend when they were young. As adults, we pretend when we don’t want others to know something about ourselves or our lives. Its’s partly pretend, but its more protecting ourselves until we can solve our problems. Using pretend and lying doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all oneself. There is no pretend in the Good Gus Series. Its the old west. There were many hardships to overcome so there was no real time for make believe.