prideAlmost everyone has some type of pride. As parents we constantly tell our children how proud we are when they do something that will let them know how pleased we are with whatever they may have done. Pride can be good or bad. Sometimes people carry pride too far. They have so much pride that when they have a disagreement with another individual or a family member, their pride gets in the way of resolving the issue. There are people I have known with so much pride that they never say they are sorry particularly when they really should have said it. How many people have you met that let their pride interfere with having a pleasant relationship? I have seen this in the workplace. There are individuals that are so proud of their work, that if there is an error, they refuse to accept it. They also seemed to spent a great deal of time boasting about how wonderful they are and the quality of their work. When individuals are down on their luck, sometimes their pride gets in the way when others are trying to help them.  Its difficult if a person has been successful, then loses their job, any and all income, and loses everything.  There are organizations to help people in times of difficulty.  I hope they won’t let their pride stand in their way.  I know that family members get into arguments and their pride keeps them from apologizing. They end up not speaking to one another, not attending family gatherings, and then if they do attend, its extremely obvious that they aren’t speaking to one another. I think we should all be proud of ourselves and all the good things we do. It makes it tough for us for the people who carry their pride too far.  There have been so many movies about families not speaking to each other and never resolving their issues such at the Hatfields and McCoys.  There is also the book, film and series “Pride and Prejudice.”Their family feud was very famous in history books. So if you have family members who have let their pride interfere with your relationship, show them this article.  Life has a way of changing quickly and they could regret having too much pride and not being able to speak to a family member before its too late.