questionI heard a Google ad that said, ” A Question can take you anywhere. ” I absolutely loved that. A question can open so many doors for you and give you the knowledge you are seeking. When you start with a question on a topic, then look it up, many times it leads to other subjects and becomes very interesting. Children ask questions all the time. They are seeking answers easily. Now that we have computers and simple tablets for them, they have access to the world. They can explore new ideas and along the way actually teach themselves.  As our children grow, if we constantly question their every action, every move, thought, etc.  it leads to a difficult relationship.  Can you remember as a child when you knew you did something wrong, and then when you were asked your face told the whole story?  If you lied, your parents, relatives or guardians knew instantly.  It was then they would begin with “Are you sure?” It was easier to answer the first time than be drilled.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s, there was a motto, “Question authority.” It led to good and bad events. We should question as much as possible. When we have a difficult decision, we question our every thought, all the pros and cons, and then question ourselves.  If you look at the decision with questions, you will probably make the right choice. If you go to the doctor and he or she gives you a diagnosis that is unfavorable, you should question it and obtain a second opinion. When you are questioned at work, if you believe you are correct show your data and stick to your theory. If we didn’t question things there would be no new scientific breakthroughs. Long ago, people with brilliant minds began to question and before long there were crops to feed the populations, a currency to barter and exchange goods, and the development of cities and towns. There are so many diseases today that are incurable, that without the wonderful people questioning the data and looking for new answers there would never be cures. I think there are times though when people ask questions that are none of their business. When we question our children, and particularly the teenagers, we hope that they answer with the truth. Sometimes its better to believe what a teenager says, than to question them incessantly because you are unsure they are telling the truth. There are questions all the time in the Good Gus Series.  The books are set up to make the reader curious and then explore on their computer or tablet.