car racinghorse racingThere are all types of racing. When you first hear the word racing, what comes to mind? I think of people in race cars speeding around a track such as Danica Patrick or from the earlier years Mario Andretti. I also think of horse racing which is popular around the world.  However, there are other types of racing such as dog, people, motorcycle, go-kart, pinewood derby, bicycles,  boats, and even bull riding which is a race against the clock, etc. When we were young, we were always racing. We raced to school, raced each other in mini races, and participated in races for recess or exercise programs at school. Racing became so much a part of our lives that we raced our siblings to finish almost anything such as dinner, homework, doing the dishes, cleaning our rooms, and even racing to see who had the bathroom first for our nightly bath or shower. It contributed to our growing and continuing racing but not in the same ways. We began possibly racing to the bus or train to make it to school on time, racing through our short cafeteria lunches so as not to be late for our classes, racing through projects just to have some type of reasonable grade, and so much more. When we race from one task to the next, one project to the next, one red light to the next it takes its toll on our health. We are pushed through our daily lives with always having to do something, finish another thing, rush to complete a task to leave work on time to collect our children at school or day care, and then its racing home and putting a decent meal together and possibly slowing down long enough to eat without a resulting stomach ache from racing and rushing all day long. The pressures in our lives at home, work, driving, etc. probably makes our minds race as well. At the end of the day, is your mind racing? It seems impossible for us to relax and just enjoy the moment. In the Good Gus Series, there is racing on a Fair Day, but for the most part it was a slower time. Its a series that may help your children appreciate you and all that you do.