Good Gus Books, Cory Returns, Children StoryWhen you are going through difficult times that is when you know who your real friends are. There are events in our lives that push us beyond the edge. Things that happen that make it extremely difficult sometimes to simply carry on. Yet the real friends stand by us. How many articles have you read where a man or woman loses their fortune and the husband or wife immediately files for divorce. Your mate is still your friend. Real friends are difficult to come by. Once you find one, do your best to be a real friend in return. I am very fortunate to have real friends. During times in my life when things have invariably gone down hill, my real friends have always been available and never let me down. Today I received a wonderful letter from my new in-laws. Words cannot describe how nice it was to read the email and recognize that they are not only family but real friends. I do believe that real friends accept you the way you are; the good, the bad and the no so attractive. I have known people over the years state categorically that a specific person was their friend and would never let them down. Yet as soon as a crisis arose, the “real friends” were gone. It makes it worse for the person having a difficult period. That is when you really need true friends. Even just one will do. Have you ever noticed when you are trying to make a purchase of something large such as a car, real estate, or even pricey items for your home how the sales person almost acts like your friend? Its understandable that they want the commission, and I certainly agree they should have it as they work hard. However, they don’t need to pretend to be your friend. When we all stated attending school, everyone in kindergarten was our friend. We learned quickly as we progressed in grades that it was not true. Its nice, though, for that brief period. It started us off slowly so we could learn what true friendship really was. The people in Pecos, Texas in the Good Gus Series are real friends. They always lend a hand and help out whenever needed. The books are a wonderful guideline for the child or children in your life. I hope you choose one for them.