rights knowrights Everyone has rights. In this time its a question of where you live and how much rights you are entitled to have. In many countries the rights of individuals are basic and in others they are extremely limited with some locations having no rights whatsoever. What is interesting is that criminals, particularly those that are actually guilty of crimes believe they have the most rights of all. Let me give you an example. I was in Dublin City Center for a meeting with my illustrator a few years ago. When I finished I was meting my son in front of Easons book store. We often went into Dublin as they had the larger book stores than the village we lived in. I met him in front of the store and he asked me to wait as he wanted a sandwich from Subway which was just down the street. While he was gone a gypsy approached me demanding money. At first I ignored her. She was very persistent and not pleasant. Anyone who has seen my website has seen my picture so you know I am not a young woman. There were several people around me who watched this scene unfolding and never offered to help. Finally, she was yelling and I said, “No.” She was furious and began verbally attacking me calling me rich and a few other choice words. I told her to leave me alone and go away.  She said she was going to get her boyfriend.  I told her to feel free knowing full well that my son would return.  She returned in about two minutes with her boyfriend and his demands for money.  I told them to leave me alone.  Finally, my son showed up and asked what was going on.  I will give this gypsy credit she was really brazen.  The boyfriend said to my son that I had insulted his girlfriend and he demanded money.  My son looked at him and very quietly said, “No.  I suggest you walk away now.” The boyfriend stated in a few words that he was not leaving without money.  So without another word my son handed me his food and proceeded to take off his backpack.  The boyfriend was smart enough to realize that my son would flatten him and he grabbed the girlfriend and literally forced her to leave.  Naturally, she didn’t leave without a fair amount of foul language.  Obviously, these two gypsies felt that they had rights to any money I may have possessed.  It frightened me enough that I never went into City Center alone after that day.  In the old west, the guns did the talking so rights were what they made them.  In the Good Gus series there are no guns or weapons.  I felt that with everything on the TV, news, internet and video games that it wasn’t necessary in the series but rather more important to have a good story line.