Good Gus Books, Children Books, CowboysThere are so many rules in life that sometimes it seems impossible to keep them all. There is an old saying, “Rules were made to be broken.” Sometimes that is very true. When I was young, there were so many rules. I couldn’t be on the front steps after seven;I had to wake up at a certain time, eat at a certain time, and go to bed exactly on time; I couldn’t walk past the beginning of my street; blue jeans were forbidden; and the all time favorite keep away from boys. Today, there are so many more rules that it is really complicated for both adults and children. Try as we may, we can’t keep up or even adhere to all of them. There are complicated rules involving laws, taxes, governments, etc. that we couldn’t possibly know them all and probably break many without the knowledge of doing so. I think children should have simple rules as they also have many rules at school, in extra curricular activities such as sports, dance, drama classes, and even music lessons. Sometimes children interpret what they think are the rules or what we might want them to think the rules are. This occasionally leads to problems and minor trouble. So many times our children misinterpret what they think we want from them that the misunderstandings can be major or minor. We all even have rules about ourselves. Some people are vegetarians, others eat only fish and poultry, and still others are meat eaters exclusively. I think it is important that just because you have your rules doesn’t mean they apply to anyone else. Its a lesson that children need to learn. By teaching our children that we are all different but all the same and that the choices some families make regarding their lifestyle will not always reflect what another family does. The rules are simple in the Good Gus Series as it was the old west and a simpler time. The twins do break the rules in book 4, “Johnny the Cat and Bronco Ride that Bull.” They learned the hard way when they broke the rules. Its a great book for any child to read during the Christmas holiday.