11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150-largebbb5e3c9-d1f9-4f11-9712-c807684ac705-large12-BOB2-300x2401-150x150-largeHow many times in life have you felt it would just be so much easier if you could run away? There are days, I am sure, for everyone when we just really want to escape whatever is going on and run away. A day away from work, pressures, occasionally family, and just the same old grind, should be taken by everyone. When we were little, we did run away. When we were in situations where other children were unkind to us; bullying us; parents angry because we didn’t do our homework, bad grades, or forgot to clean our room; or anything that was too unpleasant to face, we did run away. If we ran away even if it was home to escape the bullies, to our room to try to escape our parents, or whatever else was happening it was an easier solution. Its not good to run away from from problems because at some point we have to face them. I know adults who run away every time they have a difficult problem to resolve. Sadly, the problem magnifies itself and it doesn’t disappear. Sometimes the easy thing is not always the right thing. How many times have you seen couples get into a really bad row and then one of the duo runs away to their parents, a friend, or even a hotel. Marriage is difficult when you are together, but if one part of the team runs away, there is almost no hope as the problems cannot be resolved. We all have a variety of responsibilities, and as much as we would like to, we can’t always run away. Sometimes a little extra effort can take a negative situation and turn it around to at least neutral if not positive. I saw an article on the internet that said bullying has a life long effect. That’s sad. Whoever the bullies are, what happened to them when they grew up? Did they become the miserable boss, the person who threatens you because they have road rage, or even a criminal? I am assuming walking or even running away from negative situations may possibly save your life. If you stay and fight, you could be badly hurt. There is a bully in the Good Gus Series, Bad Bart in book one, “Pecos Meets Bad Bart.:” When he rides into town he looks so mean that the children do run away. The town and Sheriff Gus do stand up to Bad Bart and the sheriff takes a negative situation and turns it into a positive one.