e4fea441-984f-4bd6-9c57-3b61c40ea690-largeLife is about sales. When we apply for a job we are selling our skills to an employer. We we are trying to convince someone to do something, its sales. There are passive sales and aggressive sales. Passive sales involve advertisements, radio and television ads, and even newspaper ads. The people calling in already know the product they are interested in.  Aggressive sales is more in line with what you are thinking abut buying and the salesperson literally doesn’t let go of you until you have signed on the bottom line. For example, let’s say you are thinking abut buying a car and you start shopping at car dealerships. It starts off slow and calm but before you know it you are being told you will never get a better price that very second and that if you walk away they won’t throw in all the extras that you really want. Even children are in sales. They are always selling us something whether its to stay out past a designated time, watching an inappropriate movie, or convincing their siblings to do their chores for money, so they don’t have to do them. The Scouts sell various products. One year my son won the sales contest in Scouts. He received a gift certificate which he used to buy a bow and arrow. It was easy for him as he has the natural ability to sell. The schools also use sales to raise funds. I have bought from Scouts, other people’s children in schools, and just about anything a child is selling for a worthy cause. In the Good Gus Series, sales is passive. Bob at the Sweet Shop sells ice cream and candy which is passive. at the rodeo, in book four, Johnny the Cat and Bronco ride that bull, the bull riders had to sell themselves to the Rodeo so they could perform. 12-BOB2-300x2401-150x150-large I hope as you look for positive writings for the child or children in your life, you will choose a book from the Good Gus series.