car sales personsales people Have you ever noticed how much sales people are put down, insulted and called liars, cheats and thieves? Both movies and TV shows portray them that way. I have seen shows where sales people have sold children over sized athletic equipment, defective products, and charged them above the actual price. There was even an article on the internet the other day about how sales people trick car buyers into additional features that really add up to the overall cost of a vehicle. This isn’t limited to any one area, but all around the world. Here is the thing. Without sales, there would be no businesses, restaurants, entertainment centers, concerts, clothes shops, and even groceries. They all rely on sales and sales people to bring in the money to keep them afloat. Whenever anyone starts a business, the first thing they say, if you ask them is “I don’t want to do sales.” How do you expect to stay afloat without sales and a sales force? Even if a person starts off as a one man or woman operation, you need sales to open your doors and eventually expand. Sales people are the backbone of any business besides the people who make the product. Both groups are dependent upon each other. When people develop a business plan, they never take into account that they are the initial sales force even if its a force of one. I understand that there are sales people who are rude, pushy, lazy, not really interested in doing their job, etc. However, there are a number of fine sales people in all types of industries who are honest, do their very best and set a fine example for their workmates. In the American show “Undercover Boss” the owners, CEO’s and even the Presidents recognize the good employees, particularly in retail, and tend to reward them at the end of the show. They can see that they are the types of employees who put their best foot forward, care about the company, and increase sales and customer satisfaction.  When my son was in college, he worked in a movie theater in Ireland.  The majority of his co-workers did a good job.  However, there were a few who felt it their duty to cheat the mentally handicapped by not giving them their correct change.  The plus of this was that when he caught them, even though he wasn’t a manager or supervisor, he forced them to give the young adults their money back and at least while he worked there, no one cheated those individuals again.  In the Good Gus series, there are no slick sales people.  The few that run their own businesses do their very best to provide good products and do not mind selling.  School is fast approaching so please think of the series for future reading for the young child or children in your life.

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