scamscam with moneyThere are so many scams today that its difficult not to get caught in one. There are the fake email scams trying to find out your bank account number so they can steal all of your money. One of my favorites is the contest scam. Several years ago, I tried to convince a man that the $100,000 he had won in a Spanish lottery was not real. All the contest officials were asking for was $5000.00 in taxes. First of all, Spain’s currency is not dollars its Euros. Second of all, when I asked him if he had been to Spain and bought a lottery ticket he said no. I then inquired further, then how could you possibly be a winner? The desire for that money was so great no logic could convince him otherwise. I tried asking someone else in the office to explain it to him. Still he wouldn’t listen. He not only lost the $5,000, but the thieves tapped into his account and he lost over $30,000.00. He wasn’t the only person I couldn’t convince not to buy into this type of scam. There is also a scam where you receive a phone call that something has happened to a relative and you need to wire a sum of money to bail them out of jail, or save them as they were in a terrible accident. I think the interesting part of this type of scam is that the person who is in trouble is actually unavailable and can’t be reached so the family panics and gives into the scam. Playing on people’s feelings to steal from them is truly horrific. Some of the newer scams involve Craig’s List. If you are selling something people try to convince you that they will give you a check or a money order. Believe it or not these documents are easily faked. In fact, there have been numerous banks that have lost money due to the excellent quality of the fake checks. Scams have been around for a long time and will continue. We all have to be vigilant and protect ourselves from these heartless thieves.