kid-schedules1scheduleEveryone has some sort of schedule. Even the people who don’t work have some type of schedule. A schedule gives people a sense of time and even purpose. It puts them in a direction each day of where they are going, what they are doing, and if they are intelligent about their schedule, allows for the unexpected.  Even animals have schedules!  There are individuals who schedule their work each day.  I am sure that helps keep them on track.  There are people who do not believe in schedules.  Their days tend to be disorganized and often times their lives are not organized.  We all follow routines and schedules to some extent every day.  Children tend to do better on a schedule.  They adjust to eating times and bed times.  Even teenagers have a schedule of sorts.  Their eating though is continual so it doesn’t really count! As adults, we make schedules just to manager our lives.  We need schedules for work, home, and even social.  We are so busy, particularly those with families, that after a while we feel like every minute is scheduled with no free time for us.  Then if and when we do get free time, other than sleep, some of us have no idea what to do.  As our children grew and began having their own social schedules, we learned quickly to adapt to that precious free time.  People in the medical profession do their best to maintain their schedules, but any emergency sends the schedule out the window. There are individuals that follow a schedule as if their life depended upon it.  The get up and go to bed at exact times, eat at the same times every day, and have teething in a scheduled order.  That type of person seems to have difficulty if anything disrupts their schedule.  I have met this type of person and they seem not to be flexible at all.   They are also next to impossible to work with as they seem to lose it if their set schedule is followed and met.  With so much structured in our lives, a flexible schedule helps but doesn’t hinder us so that we can accomplish whatever we need to each day and attain our short and long term goals.  Even in the old west, in the Good Gus series, everyone had a schedule.