books1234As I walked through the grocery today, one of the employees was walking with me to verify a price. As we walked along to find the item, she remarked how much she dreaded going back to school tomorrow. She is in high school and it was a natural thought. Most children do not wish to return to school after a holiday break. Even young children would prefer to stay home and play with their friends all day rather than return to school. In the Good Gus Series, book eleven, “No School Today” is every child’s dream. As Sheriff Gus is returning from a visit to the Kelley Cattle Ranch, a lightning storm develops. He told his horse, Cocoa, to speed up as they are a moving target and just perfect for lightning to strike them. As he passed the Pecos River, he could see smoke. He believed it was in the vicinity of the school house. As he hurried along, he realized it is the school and that its on fire. The lightning had struck a tree and then the wind carried embers onto the school house. Once he arrived, he realized that Miss Patty was still inside. He dismounted his horse and sent Cocoa on his way to the town. He knew someone would realize when his horse returned without him, that there was real trouble. As he rushed into the school house, he saw Miss Patty slumped over papers. Gus, of course, saves her. When Cocoa arrived in town, Dave from the General Store knew something was wrong. He then looked and saw the smoke. He rallied the town and they saved the school house building but not so that the children could return to school. The following day, when children who attended school but didn’t live in town arrived, they had the pleasure of realizing their wishes of “No School Today.” Education is very important. Its the structure of our lives that helps us learn to deal with others, obtain knowledge, and  learn discipline. I hope as you ponder future books for the child or children in your life, you will choose a book from the Good Gus Series.