stethscopemedical-equipment-10014877control sign296044_490238270987734_25261447_n I have been asked to write about people who are preoccupied with self-diagnosing. How many people do you that  are self-diagnosing? The person who suggested this blog told me that at one point when the Ebola was in the United States that his wife was sure that he had it.  He hadn’t even left his state and there were no cases of Ebola within his immediate area.  There are people who feel ill and immediately go on the internet and start self-diagnosing.  The non Ebola person told me that he now dislikes Web M.D. and Goggle because of all the self-diagnosing.  I do know a few people who utilize the sites.  I do not oppose or disagree with the medical sites.  It’s just that some people take it too far and are bordering on hypochondria.  Everyone has aches and pains one time or another.  They may even have a sever cold or the flu.  If they are that ill, the sites clearly tell them to seek professional help.  However, walking into an urgent care, hospital or doctor’s office and stating that a person has a specific serious illness when in reality its a bad cold, is going a little too far in self diagnosing.  There are people, however, who have felt a lump, or were possibly lightheaded or dizzy and when checking the medical sites, discovered that it might be something more serious.  Rather than panic, once they realized they were unwell, immediately checked the internet and possibly their assessment may have been accurate.  There is a friend of mine who had a lump under his arm.  He checked the medical websites and realized that it could be a cyst or cancer.  His self-diagnosing presumption had him set an immediate appointment with a doctor.  It turned out that indeed, he did have a cancerous lump that was removed.  He wasn’t obsessed with continual self-diagnosing.  He felt something, checked on it, and took immediate action.  There is a couple I know that every time they have an ache or pain, they are immediately on the internet self-diagnosing.  When they see the doctors, the majority of the time it is even close to their original assumptions.  In the Good Gus Series, Dr. Moore and Nurse Joyce are the only medical professionals in Pecos.  Since in those days, there were no pesticides and the food consumption was from garden to table, there was much less sickness.  Today, I am working on book 2, “The Cattle are Restless” for Kindle.  Please also visit  for the Money Manager for your finances and “Misplaced Trust” for interesting reading.