self pitty Helen Kellerwallowing in self pityIf you know someone who has self pity, do you still associate with them? Self pity really gets old because whatever the topic of conversation may be it invariably reverts to the other person’s self pity. Many times the people who have self pity are really quite successful. They excel in their chosen profession, and even though everyone tells them they are doing great, they still have self pity. Sometimes husbands and fathers have too much self pity. They tend to complain about helping around the house even though both the husband and wife work. They want too much time to themselves particularly when the child or children are asking for quality time with them. They complain that there is too much too do and everyone wants something from them. They literally feel sorry for themselves. Whether its their life circumstances, their job or career, or their lack of companionship, to listen to them in their “woe is me” is not only boring but after a while its annoying. The people who have so much self pity that they can’t get out of their own way, are to be pitied. They feel so sorry for themselves that no one wants to be around them, no employer will retain them, and except for a few patience friends, they spend too much time alone wallowing in their self pity. I have heard people tell the self pitying individuals to snap out of it, get over it, straighten up and more. I think that if they stop focusing on the negative, looking at their person in a destructive way, they might be able to get past their self pity. Its much easier to focus on the positive than the negative. If a self pitying person can’t get out  it, a good friend might point out all their good qualities and make them recite the positive words to themselves every day until they stop feeling sorry for themselves. Not everyone can be beautiful, rich, win the lottery, have the perfect physique, land the ideal job, start a successful business, etc. What they can do is focus on all their positive qualities and turn them into whatever their hopes and dreams are. There are so many people who didn’t let self pity get in the way as they struggled for success. In the Good Gus Series, no one has any time for self pity. Its not allowed! Choose a Good Gus book for bedtime reading. Your family will enjoy it as well.