low self esteemself esteem signDo you think of yourself as being selfish? Many people are but don’t realize it. Children are certainly selfish although they don’t start out that way. Its really learned behavior. Its been said that selfish people always get ahead in life simply because they are selfish. I don’t believe that is true. I enjoy the show”Undercover Boss.” The owners, CEO’s, Presidents, or staff members realize their companies are not living up to their full potential and are very generous to their employees. You may say well that is still being selfish as the Boss wants the company to succeed to make more money. That is indeed true but its selfish in a positive manner by helping others along the way. We were all taught from the time we were very small to share.  Some children did, some did not.  I don’t think it matters whether you had siblings or were an only child.  If you know someone who is selfish and just want to spot the traits of a selfish person, then read on to see a few of their personality types.  Some of the traits are that they think only of themselves; they have little or no consideration for anyone else, their wants, needs and wishes come before others;  a real disregard for individuals and their feelings or needs; total self absorption;  and if they appeared considerate and caring its only because they want something and whatever kindness came forth was simply a means to their end. Do you think selfish people are also mean, manipulative, conceited, and possibly have low self esteem?  Maybe its their low self esteem that makes them hold contempt for others.  In the Good Gus Series, no one is really selfish.  Everyone makes sure that they do the right thing so that it not only benefits the people in Pecos, Texas, but also helps them in a positive way.  As you train your child or children not to be selfish, I hope you will read a book from the Good Gus Series as a positive way to teach them to be unselfish.