fighting adultsShouting is simply another form of yelling. I dislike it intensely when people begin shouting for any reason. They are usually doing it because they are trying to make a point. It also occurs when a person believes someone is about to tell them they are wrong. There are people who refuse to allow anyone say anything contradictory to their opinion. People who believe they are always right, usually aren’t. There are brilliant people but they still are not always right. Being right most of the time doesn’t mean you should start shouting simply because you don’t like another person’s point of view and believe they are wrong. Having manners and not being rude during a discussion or argument is the fair way to handle a situation. I have seen people raise their voice in the bank, at the utility payment center, the grocery and department stores. They feel that they need to be heard and get their point across by shouting. It would work out much better if they did not behave that way. You can get a lot more accomplished when there is an issue by remaining calm and speaking in a quiet but intelligent manner. The minute a person starts shouting, the other person reacts and ends up causing a chain reaction. In many countries, if you are stopped by the police either on the street or in your vehicle, if a person argues and then begins shouting, arrest is inevitable. Many people have pointed out that when people are shouting and add a few curse words into the mix, that the person yelling doesn’t have the mental capacity to solve the problem or the vocabulary to argue intelligently.