boyselephants  Sibling rivalry drives parents nuts. They may have had their own sibling rivalry and disliked it growing up. Making children get along with each other is sometimes impossible. I have even seen twins, whom you would think would always agree on just about everything, argue over the minutest things. Teaching our children to get along isn’t always easy. I saw on the internet today a day care worker complaining about a nine month old baby. She said the baby was aggressive and rough and smiled after her so called behavior. Babies learn about cause and effect and the only way they do is by trying things out. Siblings do the exact same thing. They like to see how far they can go, push, or do something before they are stopped. There is also a form of jealousy with sibling rivalry. There are occasions when the older, middle, or younger child becomes jealous because their sibling or siblings have more freedom, are possibly praised more as they do better in school, or even if they won an award at school or in athletics. Many parents try to stop sibling rivalry by purchasing equal gifts, dividing up their time with each child, or attending dance, or sports events. It never matters as the children always think, like the Smothers Brothers, “Mom always liked you best.” We all love our children equally so its a ridiculous statement but even my children believe that. In the case of the only child, there is no sibling rivalry.  When I wrote the Good Gus Series, I didn’t include sibling rivalry.  I wanted the children reading my books to see that people can get along with each other, even the twins J.C and Bronco, Andy and Katie, and the Kelley children. My goal was to give children a better perspective in dealing with their siblings.  Only five weeks until Easter.  A Good Gus Series book is the ideal choice for the younger children or child in your life.

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