sickEveryone hates being sick. What is worse is that the people who are sick and contagious spread their germs everywhere. Have you ever noticed when you are at work a co-worker will start complaining about a sore throat? The next thing you know they are out for a day and then return while still contagious and spread their germs around. Why do they feel its necessary to let everyone know how much they are sacrificing to go into work? When you ask them, why didn’t you stay home? What answers to do you receive? “Oh, I couldn’t let you do my work for me; I don’t want to miss any days because I will lose my holiday time; I’m better off here as its boring at home, etc.” All ridiculous reasons. I almost feel like their attitude is that they are more important than anyone else and it just doesn’t matter if you get sick. Its  as if you lose your holiday time, so what? Their lives are the only ones that count. Once you do get sick, you feel miserable,  and end up staying home. Then, the formerly sick individual that infected you, can confidently say to the other workmates and even your boss,  that you don’t care as much about your job as they do.  When in reality, you are a considerate, decent person not wishing to given anyone else a sickness. Then there are the people who are sick and cough all over you and sneeze on you as well. What happened to good old fashioned manners? I am sure they were taught to cover their mouth, move away, or even leave the area so as not to be rude. When people are sick, they should stay away from the rest of the population until they are no longer contagious and reasonably well.  When a family member is sick, its difficult not to catch whatever they have.  However, I think the same considerations should apply.  They should stay away from everyone else in the home and not make anyone else sick.  Being sick is no fun, but if people thought about it, then colds, the flu and any other super bugs or super viruses might not spread so quickly.