arrow-pointing-two-directions-400x400Special Gift, Good Gus Books, Christmas Book There are signs everywhere we go. They are directing us, telling us which way to walk, when to cross a street, which freeway, toll road, or highway to take, and even what a menu may be outside of a restaurant. We are bombarded with signs. There are also signs that we miss in our personal lives. They could appear when you are dating someone and you simply ignore the signs that they are the wrong person for you. As you pursue the relationship, and ignore the warning signs, your heart could be broken or worse yet they could borrow money from you and then take off with another person. Everything was there for you to see but instead of listening to your heart or your mind, you ignored the warning signs. There are also signs in business. If you apply for a variety of positions and only one company responds, rather than keep applying you may accept the position. It could be a lateral career move, or even a job beneath your qualifications. Once you accept the position, you are stuck for a while. The other workmates could even end up being difficult on a daily basis particularly if you are over qualified for the job. Often when people are looking for a position, it is better to look while you are still employed. It sounds ridiculous, but there are companies who are only interested in people currently employed rather than out of work. I recently saw a movie  where a girl was turned down for a job because her former company had downsized. It made no sense in the movie and it makes no sense in real life. I would think that human resources or a hiring manager would appreciate a person seeking immediate employment and take that as a positive sign that they are the right candidate for the job. Even in marriage or a relationship, people often miss the signs when its time to end it, the other person is no long faithful, or that there is too much disagreement. The signs of Christmas are everywhere.  Its not just the decoration or the sales in the shops, it’s the general kindness towards one another and the occasional gifts to charities to help the less fortunate.  “The Special Gift” is one of the best Good Gus Series books and is an ideal choice for the child or children in your life.