slang slang dictionaryPeople around the word use slang. If you are a stranger in a country, the slang can really throw you for a loop. Slang isn’t listed in translation books so you wonder what the person is really speaking about. Slang in various countries particularly if you live there for a while, takes time to catch on and figure it out. Let’s say you are in the United States at a restaurant and you overhear someone say delish. You would probably assume that they mean that whatever food they are eating is delicious. Another is potato quality. If you are thinking that the slang relates to food, you would be wrong. It has to do with the poor quality of photographs someone has taken.The southern part of the United States has their own version of slang.The word ain’t is used on occasion. It was one of those forbidden words in school.  If you said it, you could expect to write “I will not say ain’t” on the blackboard at least ten times.  In the UK beastly means nasty which if you heard it in a sentence, you would probably determine that it did mean something unpleasant.What is an eejit? It sounds like a disgusting type of bug. Its actually a person considered to be a jerk, idiot or fool in Ireland. When I was growing up slang was forbidden particularly in all grades of school. Today, the dictionary has slang words along with the definition. I thought that if it was slang, that it wouldn’t be in the dictionary. I thought the whole purpose of the dictionary was to assist us all in having a good vocabulary. However, when you think about it, individuals may need to understand slang in whatever country they are living particularly if people use it all the time. There are also slang phrases that people wonder when they hear them spoken. I have seen people ask what on earth a person was talking about. When we speak to our children, we should try to avoid slang so they won’t copy us when they talk.  Many of the comments about my blogs have asked if I would have a different web site for other themes not related to children’s books.  I am currently working with a web site designer to offer a different blog with business tips and legal issues.