day dreaming1393092_688239021187657_1888429745_n Smiles brighten everyone’s day. It doesn’t take much but a slight movement of a few muscles. Yesterday, I walked into a store and the greeter smiled at everyone. Sadly, most people did not smile in return. Naturally, I was all smiles and anyone could see the expression in his eyes that he really appreciated it. He smiled at me again when I left the store. Smiles can help a person having a bad day. There are people who simply do not like to smile. There are areas in the world where smiling doesn’t seem to be prevalent. One time I was helping my late aunt move from her home to an apartment. I was in a section of the United States that has a fair amount of cold weather. During my two week stay, very few people smiled. By the end of the trip, I was almost depressed as no one had a genuine smile. I drove all around her area plus several others. The number of people who actually smiled I think was eight. That does not say much. Smiles also help when you are trying to resolve a difficult issue. Speaking in a calm tone, using a smile on occasion, goes a long way to help resolve a problem. The goth teens do not like to smile. Do you wonder if deep down they are really depressed and that is why they dress in all black and don’t smile? There is a negative side to a smile. Its when you are disciplining a child and they begin to smile or laugh. It is exacerbating to the parent, yet the child thinks its very funny. What is worse is the more you attempt to be stern the funnier they think whatever you are saying is.  My goal everyday is to make someone laugh or at least bring a smile to their face.  I’m not really funny but sometimes I say things that make people laugh.  Often, it turns a difficult day into a better one.  There are people with no sense of humor who don’t laugh or even smile.  I have only met a few and they were the type of personality that was all about business and themselves.  They didn’t watch comedies or read funny books.  If something happened that was humorous, they didn’t even crack a smile.  All in all difficult to understand.  The characters in the Good Gus Series, in the illustrations in the books, generally have smiles on their faces.  It shows the reader that make believe has happy people going about their daily lives. So, if you have cowboys and cowgirls on your shopping list, the Good Gus Series, offers adventurous reading for the young readers in your life. The site is progressing nicely.  “Misplaced Trust” will be available shortly.  There is currently a Money Manager for people needing assistance in managing their finances.