smokingSmoking is quite controversial. There are the people who love smoking and then the rest of the population who hate it. In the beginning of the twentieth century smoking was very popular. Doctors even endorsed smoking on radio commercials and eventually on TV. If you have ever listened to old time radio shows you would have heard their endorsements for the wonderful attributes of smoking.  In the old World War I and World War II movies and shows, the soldiers all smoked and when they were dying their last wish was usually a cigarette.  In the mid 1960’s the popularity of smoking began to wane.  Over time it was banned from public buildings, restaurants, hotels, businesses, rental homes, airplanes, trains,  and buses.  I was surprised to see an old TV show from the 1950’s about smoking.  The parents had received a white antique pipe as a gift.  The children were told not to touch it.  Of course, the youngest child did.  The parents were sure that the oldest boy had tried using the pipe as one of the features about the pipe was that if you smoked it the bowl turned brown.  The dad was furious with the oldest boy as he was sure that he had tried smoking to look “cool” or to impress his friends. The boy refused to admit that he smoked the pipe.  Finally, when the youngest boy found out about what was going on, he confessed to smoking the pipe with one of his friends.  The dad had to apologize to the oldest boy and the youngest boy was punished.  What I was surprised about was that the whole show was really based on the negativity of smoking.  The oldest boy who was athletic wanted no part of smoking.  He explained to his younger brother who promptly promised to never do it again.  There have been a number of shows later in the 1980’s on depicting the health problems that came with smoking.  Now a days, people gather outside of a building to smoke generally near entrances. Electronic cigarettes have also become popular as well.  In the Good Gus Series there is no smoking.