1-gus2-300x2401-150x150When I decided to write today’s blog, I couldn’t think of a proper title until I heard a character on a show refer to another character as a smooth operator. Brazil  66 had a very popular song entitled”Smooth Operator” in the late 1960’s. The smooth operator is so smooth that before you realize it you are signing a contract for a new car when you really just wanted to stay within your budget and buy a used car. It doesn’t just happen with contracts, a smooth operator can convince you to make smaller purchases or commit to something you have absolutely no interest in and once committed you wish you could find a way out. Smooth operators aren’t just adults, they are also teens. I saw an old television show where the smooth operator without a dad realizing it had all the teens from a dance come to his date’s (daughter of dad) house and the dad and son ended up making hamburgers and serving soft drinks. He then moved on to complaining about how expensive it was to repair his car when again, the daughter, slipped and said she wished she could help but didn’t know how. Before she knew it, the smooth operator had contacted at least thirty mothers and convinced them to drop their children at the same daughter’s house on her dad’s only day off to babysit them for the day. Once again, the dad and son had to pitch in when they never even knew they had been had by the smooth operator. In the Good Gus Series, there are no smooth operators. The children do try to put one over on their parents and don’t always obey. They simply do not have the skills to be the smooth operator. As Black Friday approaches, and your Christmas list soars,p lease check out the Good Gus Series. It will make your Christmas shopping really easy.