spam meatspam deleteSpam isn’t just meat in a can. It was very popular and fed to the men during World War II. It was created for the military as an easy way for the men to have ready food in the trenches. It is very popular in Hawaii and is actually sold around the world. Its considered a very special gift in South Korea. Who knew? Have you ever tried spam? Now a days, when people think of spam their first thoughts go to all that junk mail in their email. Everyday the spam explodes into our lives. Individuals in India, according to statistics from 2011, receive more spam than anyone in the world. I even receive spam from people in the comments section of my blogs. How successful is spam? There isn’t a single person I know that doesn’t completely and totally delete it without reading it. Why do the companies waste their time sending it out or buying the software to send it to us? Do you read your spam? I never do. I have learned how to delete all of it permanently. I have been told that most spam contains offers to buy items from companies that sell a variety of medications, dating services, politics, and more. Everything has changed with the internet. Spam is used for products that used to be advertised utilizing paper. It seems the spam emails are putting forth the same efforts at a much lower cost to obtain new customers and increase their sales. Have you noticed that if you look for an item for sale, that there are then spam ads popping up trying to convince you to buy whatever product you were looking for? I am assuming its some type of spyware. It’s sad that we can’t just look up items without being bombarded with spam. Electronic spam according to some statistics is also used for identity theft.  So if you are eating spam, enjoy.  If you are receiving spam, the delete button is only a finger stretch away.