special needsspecial needs girlToday I saw an article about a special needs little girl. She had her school picture take recently and her mother felt it looked awful. The little girl is absolutely adorable, yet the photographer took an unflattering picture.  He made her take off her glasses which I think they are the reason she  looks so cute. The same glasses she needs just to be able to see. So when he took the picture she had a scrunchy face. The mother felt her child had been discriminated against because she is special needs. All children of the world are special, but special needs children are very special. They have so much love to give and do it willingly. They are eager to learn and frustrated when they can’t master things. When my daughter was in the first grade, there was a downs syndrome girl in her class. She was a wonderful girl but many of the children didn’t play with her. In addition, she was never invited to anyone’s home. Of course, my daughter invited her and even though she seemed to play by herself after a while, she still had a great time. During that period, I worked at home and had a sitter in the afternoons to keep my children and whatever friends came by occupied while I finished my work and started dinner. The little girl would always follow the babysitter around and hug her. The girl’s parents were so thrilled that their daughter was invited to someone’s home, they invited my two over. My son had a ball as they had many more toys than he had. They treated both my children like royalty. Special needs children are just that; children who have special needs. They should be treated with respect and be appreciated.   There are many organizations offering assistance for special needs children.  I also saw on Facebook the Williams Downs Syndrome Walk in San Antonio, Texas. In the Good Gus Series, I introduced a girl, Katie, who is in a wheel chair.  When she was first brought to school, all the children were staring until, Frankie one of the characters spoke up and said, “What are y’all looking at?  She’s just a girl!”