stress signstress personEveryone handles stress differently. When stress is overwhelming, some people take pills or drink. When the stress becomes too much others resort to drugs and acting recklessly. There are a group of people who handle stress and when you look at them or speak to them you have no idea that they are leading very stressful lives. There are also individuals who exercise to relive stress. I personally like the treadmill. In the movie “The First Wives Club,” Goldie Hawn said that her best ideas came to her while she was on the treadmill. Every day, wherever we go, there is stress. If you drive to work or commute by car, the traffic, the angry people, the rude drivers, all lead to too much stress. By the time you arrive at work, you want to go home or at least take a nap. Once in work, there is a whole new challenge of stress. You can start out having a good day and a workmate will be having a bad one. If they make sure everyone has a bad day, it only adds to your drive home in traffic again. People who commute on the bus or train have less stress. However, you can still have a nasty passenger who can make the ride unpleasant. Doctors, particularly surgeons, must lead a very stressful life. People count on their skills to heal them. That is a great deal of pressure. Going to the doctor’s can be stressful.  There are a few individuals, that when they arrive at the doctor’s office, their blood pressure goes through the roof.  Its simply the stress of being at the doctor’s.  I think the same is true of going to the dentist. Even stay at home mums have pressure. If they have a sick or whiny child, the stress of not being able to solve the child’s problem as to why they are whining can lead to frustration and a different type of stress. Married or single, if you are in a relationship, there is always stress. Many times its subtle but it still exists.  The old west had its own brand of stress.  The battles against weather, bugs, shortages of supplies, etc. gave them a unique type of stress.  Its not really present in the Good Gus Series, though.