Successsuccess 2Everyone has a different definition of what they consider is success. Many people equate success with money. It is certainly a milestone that is recognized around the world. You often hear people say or read about the people who have success financially. Then there are the people who feel that if they have a family and can care for them that they have achieved great success. Some individuals feel they have achieved great success if they have an exceptional career. Each day an addicted person stays off drugs and or alcohol, is success for them. Anyone who has beaten the odds and became cancer free, or was once paralyzed and can now walk are some of the greatest successes.  There are so many ways to achieve success and some times I think we want it all. We want to make plenty of money, have a wonderful family, live in a beautiful home in a perfect neighborhood and be both physically and mentally healthy. I can’t disagree with that at all. What I really dislike are the people who criticize the successful individuals. I believe its just jealousy. I think admiration and observation of people who have great success can teach us how to emulate them. How many times have you heard people say “People who are rich are unhappy. I’d rather be poor and happy.” Seriously, are they kidding? Do the celebrities who are successful who don’t live in the limelight look unhappy to you? I have also heard people say “People who have millions only have it because they did something crooked or stole it.” Again, ludicrous statements. These people have all the envy and none of the common sense the people who are successful exhibit. These are the same people who go from job to job, never owning a home, are constant complainers, criticizers, and whiners. Most successful people worked hard to achieve their goals. They “dressed for success,” learned how to listen, work hard, took chances when they thought it was the right choice, and made the right moves to move onward and upward. Its not necessary to hurt other people, step on them as you work your way to the top, become cold and uncaring, be rude and obnoxious. Of course, there are people who are like that and did achieve success. Sadly, they end up having to buy their friends, their trophy wife, their children just to keep up the facade. I think success becomes everyone. We all look good and do our best. I have held positions of responsibility and treated everyone as fairly as possible. The employees in return always gave me 110%. Whatever you believe makes you feel like a success, I say go for it and be happy.