collegeschoolWhen we were growing up in school, any student that was suspended was a bad apple. They were sent home for three to five days. The person or persons who were really punished were their families.  If they worked, they had to find someone to stay with their suspended child or take the time off.  The suspended student would probably be yelled at, receive some form of punishment, or not allowed TV for a month.  However, they could sleep in and if they were careful be free to roam and not be caught by the truant officer.  The school should have had a better system for suspending a student.  Back then the infractions were almost minor compared to what is happening today.  If a girl wore shorts or a skirt that were too short, a tight sweater/jumper or blouse, if either a boy or girl spoke disrespectfully to a teacher, if the boys were fighting but not with weapons, or even wore their own version of skin tight clothing, they were suspended.  The parents or guardians received a note, a phone call and a long lecture.  Today, the infractions are worse, sometimes even life threatening. The schools also seem to be taking the suspension too far particularity with the younger children.  If a child breaks a school rule,  has a temper tantrum that doesn’t hurt or physically affect another children, the teachers and principals  are using the suspension to remove them. If an older student is suspended it may be for any of the following reasons:  brought a weapon to school, beat up another student, injured a teacher, brought and sold drugs, stole openly from their classmates with a bullying attitude, and anything else you may have read in the news.  How can this solve the behavior to these students by letting them hang about at home?  A better option would be to have them tutor other students; or if they are not qualified, stay after school and be tutored. If none of those options were available then how about helping the janitor clean the school, assist the coach with the gym and locker room or even work in the school office filing, emptying trash, etc. Sometimes, even though the parents and guardians try, they cannot compete with the negative influences such as all the violence in every day life, on the TV or in video games.  The student having difficulties at school and even at home often turns to gangs or joining groups that are violent for their own purposes. The hazing in colleges is a prime example of letting things go too far.  The students wishing to be part of the “in” group, will do just about anything.  The hazers know this and bully and hurt the students, primarily males.  Suspension is not good enough particularly for the boys who caused severe injuries and death.When a government employee is suspended, often it is with pay.  Again, they have the same options as the suspended students only more.  They can sleep in late, freely go wherever they choose, go on holiday and all without worrying about their income. If this happened in the private sector, the child would be out of the private school for good, and the employee would be fired with prejudice.  He or she would have a very difficult time locating another position. No one is suspended in the Good Gus Series.  If they are out of line, Miss Patty sends for Sheriff Gus and the child’s parent or parents.  It is resolved quickly with no future problems.