tattletalesWere your siblings tattletales? Its a difficult way to grow up knowing whatever you do someone will squeal on you. Its as if they are spies looking for any excuse to tattletale on you so you look bad and they look good. Tattletales are not confined to children. They grow up to become tattletale adults. They are the worst as they know better but still like to be tattletales. I wonder if its a lack of self-esteem, the need to be noticed, or they are just plain mean. How many books have you read, movies or television shows have you seen that feature tattletales. They use different terminology for the adults, but its still the same. Tattletales are similar to people who gossip. They want to make sure that anything that might put another person in a bad light, they will use whatever measures necessary to do it. I don’t like tattletales. I knew a woman I worked with who was a horrible tattletale. She would preface her statements to the boss with, ” I am sure she didn’t mean it, but so and so said or did —.” Of course she knew what she was doing and wanted to be sure that the boss knew she was doing her job the very best she could but so and so really wasn’t. Do you know what the worst part of that was? She really wasn’t doing her job and the little she did had to be fixed by the other employees. When I was the boss I never tolerated that type of behavior. Do your job and if someone else isn’t doing theirs, I¬†would have¬†figured it out. Most managers know what’s really happening. The ones who listen to tattletales have other agendas. There are no tattletales in the Good Gus Series. It is not tolerated. If you are thinking about a book for an up coming birthday or even St. Patrick’s Day, the Good Gus Series is the perfect answer to show children good family values.