dave maynardteamworkThere is an old saying, “There is no I in teamwork”; its true. The whole point is for people to work together. For example, it took teamwork to put together the dictionary that we all use to check our spelling in a word document. However, sometimes I am amazed as the program doesn’t understand if your write a word and are missing one letter, such as a preposition, that it cannot figure it out. Teamwork is essential in sports. Although there are always a few people who want to be the star of the team and the game. When coaches stress teamwork, they mean exactly that. In professional sports, football for example, the quarterback is the lead and most important player. He calls the shots, has the best throwing arm and is supposed to be protected. Now, I am not a sports person, but this is what I have read. In the workplace people are encouraged to work as teams and succeed for the good of the company. Again, there is always one or two individuals who want to outshine everyone else and do their best to make it happen. In the movie, “Thirteen Going on Thirty” Jennifer Garner works for an advertising company. She works with another girl and the group is suppose to work as a team. However, one girl feels that she is far smarter and better than Jennifer. When she gives her presentation, its awful but Jennifer’s is great. The other girl is so mad that she steals Jennifer’s presentation in order to move to a competitor and the original company fails. If they continued the movie, the stealing workmate would lose her job because she wasn’t a team player and had no original ideas or concepts worthy of a campaign advert for any client.  Children learn teamwork as soon as they start preschool or kindergarten.  They are taught the concept at home if they have siblings.  Only children have to learn this concept on the playground or in school.  There was a radio broadcaster, Dave Maynard, who used to say all the time on his show, “I learned everything I needed to know in kindergarten.”  Those early years help form us into who we are today.  They teach us right from wrong, how to make friends, to share, and to work and play well with others.  In the Good Gus Series, the basic underlying concept of all the stories is teamwork.  The books are selling fast.  Don’ miss out on a new favorite for the children or child on your Christmas list.