do the right thingdo the right thing in purpleIn every Good Gus Series book, the first page, first paragraph always states, “He is a good sheriff because he always does the right thing.” They are important words to try to live by as much as possible. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. Sometimes our feeling get in the way. We can be angry and even though we know what the right thing, we ignore it as the anger takes precedence. Then we regret what we either said or did simply because the anger overrode everything in our brain. People who have little or no conscience do not know the meaning of doing the right thing. I would imagine that criminals fall into that category. There are also individuals that come across money, are accidentally overpaid at work, the cashier gives back too much change, etc. and they decide its best to keep it. Sometimes it is because they really need the money and are broke. Then their actions are justified in their minds so they do not feel any guilt. My son used to work at the movies in Ireland. He knew what the right thing was and always followed it. I write this as the Irish do not hide their down syndrome children and adults. They are taught a skill so that they can work and earn money. Unfortunately, their abilities do not always extend to understanding money. Often times, parents would be careful to give their children enough money for a movie and a snack. There were employees at this particular business that would cheat the down syndrome children and adults. The first time my son saw a workmate doing this, he walked right up to him and told him to give the correct change and take the individual’s money out of his pocket. Eventually, anyone who worked there knew that if my son was on duty they had to give the correct change. Sadly, this situation has probably returned as he stopped working there five years ago. Any parent that may be interested in the Good Gus Series, know that as you read to your child or children or they read a book from the series, that the underlying message is do always do the right thing.