accident with elephantfailure coffee cupattention1-gus2-300x2401-150x150Whenever anything occurs, there is always the unknown factor. However, what is the unknown factor? You can start out on a short trip. You are driving and you have checked the fuel, the tires have the correct amount of air, and you have snacks and cash. You are planning a lovely day. You have verified that the weather will be perfect with no storms in sight. You start out possibly heading for the beach or a special area that you enjoy visiting. Then, the unknown factor occurs. You accidentally hit a rut in the road, and a tire goes flat. You have the small fake tire that will not make it to the nearest service station or tire store. Suddenly, you day is ruined all because of the unknown factor.I used this in a couple of my books in the good Gus Series. One year the town of Pecos was having a fair or carnival. The town had been planning this for weeks. The soldiers even came up from Ft. Stockton to volunteer with the set up. Everything was in place. Even the weather was perfect.  Everyone was having a wonderful time.  Heather, Charlie’s daughter, was sitting on a rock when she noticed off in the distance a very large, black cloud.  She found Sheriff Gus and pointed it to him.  Before she had the opportunity to ask him what it was, he immediately went to the stage where the microphone was and started asking everyone to focus on him and pay attention.  Suddenly, the unknown factor for the event started a chain reaction.  Gus explained that the large black cloud heading their way was a swarm of grasshoppers, also known as locusts.  Whenever they passed through a town, they would eat everything in site.  suddenly everyone began to panic.  He told them all to calm down and explained what was necessary to save the tress on Main Street, and their crops.  The soldiers volunteered to help.  He reminded ever one of the netting he had all the citizens purchase over a year ago.  He then instructed everyone to go home, and shut all windows and doors.  In addition, take all clothes hanging on their lines, and bring them indoors.  He even enlisted the children.  Once the town was covered and secure, Gus rode his horse, Cocoa, up and down Main Street one last time before the grasshoppers arrived.  It didn’t take too long for them to travel down Main Street trying to devour anything they could find.  When the all clear was issued by Sheriff Gus, the towns folks, along with the soldiers assessed the damage.  Needless to say, there was very little.  The unknown factor ended the carnival, but with the awareness of one little girl, Heather, all the crops, clothes, and trees were saved.  Often the unknown factor play s a role in applying for positions.  It can be something simple or unusual.  The hiring manager could take an instant dislike to an individual even if they are qualified.  Sometimes you don’t know what the unknown factor is.  People have started looking at “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” on Kindle and I have received a few requests for more details about “Misplaced Trust.”