temper manaccident with elephantcrazy ladyEvery once in a while we all have a tough day. Sometimes though it is worse than what you anticipate. It can start out great. For example, a friend of mine is looking for a job. He had an interview and then was called back for a second interview. He is well qualified and has a bachelor’s degree and a tech degree. The manager assured him he would receive an email stating if he was hired either way. Well, when he didn’t receive the email, he gave them a ring. The manager didn’t even have the integrity to speak to him and tell him no. He had the receptionist say they hired someone else. Talk about not being a real manager and no class, he certainly fit those categories. I am beginning to wonder if managers are afraid to hire my friend because he is well qualified and intelligent. Could it be that they are afraid he will overtake them in management? So, yes, he had a tough day today. Anyone has has locked their car in a car park only to return to an empty space are well on their way to a very tough day. Have you ever returned to your car only to find it dented with no note as to who did the damage?  It is not only unpleasant, but it does ruin your day and turn what might have been a positive trip to instantly negative. Let me tell you about another person who woke up thinking her day would go smoothly. She had a smile on her face until she started work. Two clients were not only unreasonable, but became rude. Yet, she managed to maintain her ethics and remained calm and courteous. She was even threatened that if she didn’t make the clients happy, she would lose her job. She told me she wanted to cry, but didn’t. She said it had been a while since she had such a tough day. Not everyone gets up on the wrong side of the bed, but many seem to in our daily dealings with clients, customers, friends and sometimes even family.  Then there are the people you don’t even know who cut in line at the bank or post and think they are entitled as their time is more valuable.  I have seen people make remarks that were quite insulting.  Just because a person is having a tough day doesn’t mean they should take it out on others.  That is what the gym is for or a punching bag.  Exercise is a great way to release the tension of a really tough day.  Personally, I like a good old fashioned walk or the treadmill.  In the Good Gus Series, many of the characters do have a tough day.  However, it is reflected in such a way so that the young readers understand that it is better to solve issues peacefully and quietly.  If you are having stress and tension about your finances, check out the Money Manager at maecharlesbooks.com.  It could help.