trappedMany people feel trapped. They feel trapped in their jobs, a lifestyle, a relationship, a location and sometimes just life. People who are trapped in their jobs may not have the newest skills to find a position they would enjoy. They could also be trapped because of their age. Its difficult but feeling trapped every day the second you walk through the door of your place of employment I image an overwhelming feeling hits you, possibly even depression that you are stuck again for another day. If your skill set is outdated, it may just be that by updating yourself with the applicable courses, that will help you remove yourself from being trapped. If your age is a factor, it may be that you are trapped. Most companies are not interested in hiring anyone over forty. There are exceptions. Companies would be wise to hire older people as they have honed their skills, are willing to learn new technology, and are settled in their lives so they would tend to remain at the job and not learn the newest skills and then move on for higher pay. If you are in a relationship that is making you unhappy, sometimes its easier said to leave than to actually do it. It could be there are children, or you need each other’s incomes just to stay afloat. Even living in a location that makes you feel trapped may not always be easy to change. The reason you probably are trapped is money. There are people in life who are trapped into a lifestyle. Sometimes they have been in it so long, they have lost their confidence and can’t figure a way out.  I have recently seen articles about younger people joining various fighting groups and realizing that is wasn’t what they wanted.  This includes both men and women.  The men have been able to escape, but there is no hope for the women.  They are trapped until the fighting stops and they are rescued. There is the trapping of animals.  Some people trap them for food and others to relocate in another location. In the Good Gus Series, book eighteen, “No Biting Allowed” a family of beavers are trapped but they are not destroyed.  They are moved to a new area as their dam was affecting the river and the town.