cobweb_network_computer_217104Do you consider yourself to be a typical parent? I know I am not but I do believe that many people consider themselves to be  a typical parent. However, what is a typical parent? Is  it the person who attends every childhood event, doesn’t work outside the home, or is it  the parent who commutes to work, is forced to put their child or children in day care and can’t attend every sporting event, play, spelling bee, etc. In this day and age, its difficult for all parents regardless of the child’s age. I saw an article on the internet about a dad who discovered that his ten year old daughter had broken the rules. She had three or four Facebook accounts and was pretending to be fourteen, fifteen sixteen and even eighteen. On top of that she was dating. He cut off all her accounts and posted a picture of her with a tee shirt that said “I am ten years old and in the fifth grade.” The is a huge wake up call to any and all parents who think their technologically advanced child or children can’t find a way around the ground rules they have put in place. What bothers me is who are these boys dating her? Its fairly obvious that she is a child and not a teenager, but maybe with make-up and adult style clothing she looked older. All the children in the Good Gus series are just children. Without technology, they are still playing games, riding horses and having normal childhood fun. Before your young child or children realize their computer skills, please think about giving them a picture of life without technology by choosing a Good Gus book.