fire rescueaccident with bikeold-fashioned-cars-pictures-49 Sometimes in life the unexpected happens and people do not know how to react. It can be something as simple as a flat tire, getting fired or being let go, a pregnancy or sudden illness. Some unexpected events are wonderful, others not so much. Life for the most part is an unexpected adventure. We never really know what is going to happen next. Sure we expect to live a long healthy life, have a great career or profitable business, but it doesn’t always happen. The unexpected can occur at any moment such as an earthquake, tornado, and even a health epidemic. How people react is what counts. Take a flat tire for example. A person maintains their car, but as they drive through a construction zone they pick up a nail. Before long they are driving on a freeway, highway, or toll road at a high speed, and all of sudden they hear the nail puncture and flatten the tire. A long time ago I was driving my father-in-law’s car  on a toll road coming home from work. All of a sudden, the unexpected happened. The bonnet or hood just popped up.  I had to pull off the road and could barely see while doing it.  Why it opened is still a mystery.  Last year a friend of mine went to the doctor’s for her annual check-up.  Then the unexpected news that she might have breast cancer was given by the doctor after her exam.  That was a real shocker.  She is well and free  of cancer.  At the same time, a friend of my son’s went for a check up and a lump was discovered under his arm.  He also was diagnosed with cancer, yet I am thrilled to say, he is cancer free as well.  When the unexpected occurs, a few individuals panic, others simply accept it, and then there are the people who research and fight whatever it may be.  When an unexpected war and it could even be a drug war starts in a country, trying to save your family and yourself is not an easy task.  Many people choose to escape rather than fight.  Often if there is a way to escape it is better as they can start over rather than watch everything they worked for crumble almost instantly.  Of course, the unexpected news that a couple is going to have a baby is always joyful.  Finding lost children is the best news any parents or family could hope for.  In the Good Gus series there are a number of unexpected events such as an earthquake, tornado,  a cattle stampede, attack of locusts, and even fire.  All exciting stories for the young reader.  The older reader might enjoy “Misplaced Trust” at