family valuesfamily values the NelsonsThere is a great deal of discussion lately about family values. What are family values? In the 1950’s family values were considered to be a dad who went to work every day, a mum who stayed home with the children, and family trips at last once a year when dad had the time off. Sometimes the dad had to take his holiday when the factory had a two week shut down. There were a number of TV shows that included family values such as “Leave it to Beaver,” “The Nelson Family,” just to name a few. In the 1960’s the stay at home mothers, wanted more out of life and to work. Many returned to college. A number of women married right out of high school and a few while in college and never finished. Many women had children and were not married.  The stigma seemed to disappear.  By the 1970’s, recessions were changing family incomes and values. Both parents had to work, or if the dad couldn’t find a job, the mum went to work. Sometimes the mum would end up with a higher income than the dad had. When the dad would land a job, then the children would go to day care or a babysitter. Even the schools began offering before and after school day care which was a great help to parents during difficult financial. times. I have noticed in many of the old shows on the TV, that the family values included the above, but there was also a story line that would include a bully. Back then, though, the parents dealt with it when they found out and forced the bully to apologize not only to the victim, but to the parents as well. As family values changed, when a bully was acting out, not only were the parents involved but the schools and even occasionally the police. Today’s family values are different. There are children who have two parents of the same sex, often married if the states allow, and many single parent homes. The statistics show that the dads are in the top of the percentile. I was surprised at that.  As the world changes so do family values.  The Good Gus Series are books with strong family values.  There are two parent families and two single parent dad families.