This photograph, taken during CDC’s Nigerian relief effort in the late 1960’s, shows a Nigerian child suffering from smallpox while visiting a refugee camp during the Biafran war.Smallpox was a constant so most children were vaccinated for smallpox, measles and pertussis upon entering the camps. Camps in the northern sector of Enugu had the highest number of smallpox cases. Note in this photograph, a local treatment of an antipruritic lotion was applied to relieve the itching, pain, and discomfort. /Dr. Lyle Conrad JLConrad collection - Folder 2, Slide 029 CD_102_DH/ 088 CDC – Emergency Preparedness & Response; Smallpox – Information for Specific Groups CDC - Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), Epidemiology Program Office

Small Pox Victim during 1960’s Biafran War


There are many people who are victims in life. They could be in the wrong place at the wrong time and by harmed by a criminal. They could be visiting a country and a tsunami strikes or possibly a deadly earthquake. There are people who have been persecuted by governments and become victims. Hitler was a prime example of making people victims. Then the entire German country became victims of Hitler and World War II. There are also the people who see themselves as victims. They  say and do anything that will make them out to be a victim. The people who believe they are victims of everything and just about everyone have a vivid imagination. The average person doesn’t have time nor do they want to take the time to make another individual a victim. There are people who have control issues that do make unsuspecting people victims. I recently saw an episode of the “Mysteries of Laura” in which she figured out that a woman faked her own death to escape her abusive husband. Laura had suspected that she was alive and when she finally found her she realized that the wife that been battered and bruised on locations of her body that would not be seen normally. Laura went on to explain that abusers feel that they own their victims. When they step out of line or do  something the abuser doesn’t like or even speaks to another male or female, their immediate action is one of being offended, jealousy and anger which turns physical. The victims end up seriously injured. Often the abuse continues over many years with the offender recanting until the next time. When the victims try to escape, the abusers hunt them down and harm them even more. I can recall at least two movies, one with Jennifer Lopez and the other starring Julia Roberts where they escaped. In the Jennifer Lopez movie she disappeared and returned and killed him when he least expected it. In the Julia Roberts movie, her husband tracked her down and had planned to kill her, but her neighbor stopped him. There are people whose every word, ever phrase makes them look like the victim of something, someone, life, fate, you name it.  I have known people like that and at first you believe what they are saying is true.  Then when reality hits, you run in the opposite direction.  The citizens in Pecos have a few instances in some of the books where it might appear that they are victims of an event, a situation, or even Bad Bart.  However, as the child reads the books, he or she learns that the people stand up for themselves and aren’t the victims of anyone.  They also face various mini disasters not as victims but as a united group working together to resolve and repair what needs to be fixed or changed.