11-gusandbart2-300x2401-150x150I saw an article today on Yahoo about violent movies and the effects on children. I always believed that if you allowed your children to watch violent movies that they would emulate the “hero” in the movie which is something no parent wants. I knew that young children had reactions when they watched violent movies. One time, many years ago, my step daughter, disobeying her father, sneaked off to see the “Exorcist.” She had nightmares for weeks and her father was extremely angry with her. He did think, though, that the fright from the movie was punishment enough. The article went on to say that “classic findings from 1999 found that the violent movies led to anxiety, nightmares, greater aggression and violent behavior in children in real life.” A study from 2013 which surveyed hundreds of psychologists and media experts found a “broad consensus that violent media leads to increased aggression in children.” Its a logical theory yet there is big money in violent movies for the young set. There is so much violence in the world today, I would think that parents would not support the violent movies. I didn’t allow my children to watch anything that would give them nightmares. Even today, they have never seen and will not watch scary movies. As you try to give your children lessons in community spirit and non violent solutions to problems, please look at the books on the Good Gus Books website. You will be happy with their themes.