Vision Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.blind-childrenPeople have a vision of themselves as who they believe they are and how people perceive them. Many people have a great vision for their lives, their future, which includes goals, aspirations, education, financial success and so much more. Individuals make their vision a reality by achieving great success personally, socially, physically, financially and sometimes even display their successes through their attire and their worldly possessions. There is also another type of vision, the one that people see without their eyes. I have often wondered how difficult it must be for the people who cannot see the world through their eyes. A few years ago I wrote the the National Association for the Blind requesting that I visit local area schools and read to the younger children. The reply I received astounded me. The woman in charge told me that the children didn’t need to be read to that they needed to learn to read. I thought, “Children understand words by hearing them.” When I read to children, it is a great joy. I also become excited as I read the books which increases their enthusiasm. I had foolishly thought that by reading to children who couldn’t see, that hearing the words, listening to the sound of my voice, and feeling my excitement as I read would stimulate their desire to learn to read. After all either with vision or without, listening to a person read stimulates our own imagination and desire to learn more. When my son was young he never really wanted to learn to read because everyone read to him. I finally bought a couple of illustrated classics and that was all it took. Today he is still an avid reader. In all of the books in the Good Gus Series, reading is either expressed or implied. I hope as time marches on towards Christmas, your own desire to give the gift of reading to a child will convince you to choose a book from the Good Gus Series.