wait signbike with training wheels When we were all younger, our parents, relatives, guardians all said at one time or another, “Wait until you are ready.” For me, it was wearing sheer nylons. The times were changing. Why did I need to wait until I was ready? I was sure that I was. As parents, we often say to the children in our care, “Wait until you are ready.” Of course, those words cover a wide variety of topics. It starts off with trying to ride a two wheeler bike without training wheels.  My son didn’t really feel he was ready to ride without his training wheels.  Then, one day, I brought him and his bicycle over to a friend’s house after school.  When I returned to collect him and his bicycle, the training wheels were off.  The mother of his friend simply took off the wheels and pushed him down a hill.  He was ready even though he didn’t know it.   For girls, it is the nylons, make-up,  dating, tight clothes, shorter skirts, tighter slacks or jeans, low cut blouses or jerseys, and dyed hair. For boys, its skin tight clothes, possibly leather jackets,and getting a car and/or motorcycle. For both, it’s ear piercing, body piercing, tattoos, unusual hair styles and various hair dyes. Of course, many parents want to say no to all of the previous lists. They prefer their child or children remain young and not really grow up and face the world.  There are parents who are anxious for their children to grow up and move out of the house.  In the United States, it is more prevalent, than in Europe, for children to leave home and not return when they reach eighteen years of age.  Many do go to college and live in dorms or apartments.  They also obtain jobs so that they can be as close to possible to financial freedom from their parents.  They also utilize student financing programs and end up heavily in debt.  Which do you prefer; stay at home until financially successful and debt free, or move out and let them cope with whatever decisions they make including going into debt?  In the Good Gus Series, the children do not like the words, “Wait until you are ready.”  In book four, Jimmy Ray decided to ride a bull.  Not only was he too young, but he ended up with a broken arm. In Book twenty-three, “Run Blackie Run,” Liam and Frankie stray from the path they promised to stay on and end up in a bit of trouble.  Once again, they should have kept their word and headed to Judge Ross’s and not wandered off exploring.  Finances are important to everyone.  Please take a moment to check out maecharlesbooks.com.  It may be exactly what you need to get back on track with your money.