Special Gift, Good Gus Books, Christmas Book988406_565039846922270_34848742_nEveryone likes to feel wanted and needed. Its ingrained in all of us. When we feel wanted and needed, I believe we are more positive and have a better outlook on life. Many times we feel unappreciated and even unloved. I find where ever I go, if you wear a smile and let people know how much you appreciate whatever they are doing, they will feel needed and appreciated. Sometimes its the small things in life that make that difference. I find a  simple thank you for anything makes people feel appreciated. Most people need to feel that whatever their work is that they are wanted and needed. Even in family life, parents don’t always feel needed or wanted. It has a dramatic effect on you when your young child tells you they can do it themselves or your teenager learns how to drive and then passes the drive test. In the Good Gus Series everyone feels wanted and needed in almost every story. “The Special Gift” focuses on a little boy that no longer feels wanted and needed. However, once Sheriff Gus rescues him, he begins to realize that the whole town of Pecos wants him and one particular person comes to love him and really need him. I hope as the Christmas season approaches you will consider “The Special Gift.” It could start a new family tradition.