300px-Wildfire_in_CaliforniaWildfires are extremely dangerous. They are prevalent in the western part of the United States but almost all the wildfires occur in California. There are so many types of fires some of which are not frightening or dangerous. For example, the warmth from a wood stove or fireplace is quite comforting. House fires turn into wildfires in their own way. When I was a girl, I lived in a home that was set in back of another home. The house in front burned twice. I heard the neighbors gossiping that the woman who owned the house set the fires because she wanted the insurance money. She was a single mother and in those days, that was very rare. I ignored the gossip as I thought it foolish and unkind. No one in their right mind would set a fire for the insurance money who had two young children. Why would she want to lose her possessions? The house across the street also burnt down due to faulty wiring. It was a family of four and they were away when the fire started. It turned into a wildfire because it destroyed everything. The fire department was twenty minutes away so that by the time they arrived it was too late. They did stop it from spreading. When I lived in California, my family evacuated twice due to wildfires. Both times they were just too close. The worst part is the clean up after. No matter how air tight you believe your home is, the smoke and soot manages to slip through anyways. In the Good Gus Series, “No School Today,” a fire burns the school house. I know what you are thinking. Its every child’s dream. As we are in full swing for the holiday season, please consider a Good Gus book for the child or children in your life.