988406_565039846922270_34848742_nDo you ever think you could wish your troubles away? When we were young, we would wish for things or events and many times our wish would come true.  There’s an old song “When you Wish Upon a Star” that Disney features in many of their shows and commercials.  We even make a wish on our birthday before we blow out a candle.  Making a wish is unique as it gives us hope that whatever it is we are wishing for will come true or happen.  We start out believing that if we wish hard enough, our dreams will come true.  As children, the small things that we wish for, generally come true primarily with the help of our parents, grandparents or relatives.  By the time we were dating age, we began to wish that a certain boy would ask us for a date, or a boy would wish that the girl of his dreams would go to the Prom with him or even just for a burger.  As we aged, we still wish, but believing isn’t always an option.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish he would stop; I wish she would disappear; I wish I didn’t have so much work; I wish someone would clean my home,” and so much more.  Wishing is good as long as you realize its just a wish.  If you want to make your wishes and dreams to come true, you have to go for it.  Sitting around wishing gives you nothing.  Achieving your goals, which are your subconscious wishes, takes hard work, effort and a little bit of luck.  Everyone wishes for world peace, but we still don’t have it.  There are movies that use a wish to go back in time to help people change their lives.  Even in the workplace, people wish all the time.  They wish for less work, better workmates, a nicer environment, longer breaks, better holiday time off, and even an understanding boss.  The only way to make your wish come true is to find a better job or a different career.  Some people are brave enough to take that chance while others continue wishing.  Sadly, they prefer to stay where they are at, not make the change, and maybe their favorite part of it all is whine and complain about it.  When I first started working, I couldn’t understand a few of the women I worked with.  They were always wishing for something better; always whining and complaining; but they didn’t do anything about it.  I found a better job and moved on.  It took me a while to figure out that they liked their lifestyle.  In one of the Good Gus Series books, “The Special Gift,” Liam has a big wish and naturally it comes true.  As the summer approaches, please consider a book from the series for the child or children in your life