let-work-together (1)3-coach2-300x2401-150x150-largeAlmost all of us have to work except the people who were born into money. Most individuals go outside to work but the number of people who work at home has been steadily increasing. I recently watched two American TV shows entitled, “Undercover Boss.” The premise is that the head of a company goes undercover wearing a disguise to see what is really going on within their company. With all the laws that have been passed, I am amazed at how some of the employees have been treated. In one company, the equipment was so poor that when the employees tried to use it for a demonstration it failed miserably. At that same company, there had been loyal employees who had worked for a number of years without any increase in pay. What is worse was that during those years, their benefits decreased along with the number of hours they worked. The undercover boss convinced one¬†employee not to leave the company and then in less than a month, they closed the plant and shipped all manufacturing overseas. Great for the residents in that country, but bad for the loyal workers. I saw a different show where the boss was running a technology company and had absolutely no clue about his own electronic products. He learned that his company did not allow a man whose wife was being operated on for cancer have any days off to be with her and care for her. Yet he remained with the company as he really needed the job. Then he was working with a woman in a call center and she said the rate of turnover was so great because the wages were so low. I understand profit, but should it be at the expense of the people who are giving you that profit? The third person he worked with was handwriting work orders and manually counting inventory. That really surprised me. Why didn’t he use Just in Time Inventory software? Why didn’t he utilize a program that would print out all the work orders at the beginning of the work day and then the person could hand them to the technicians for whichever sections of the city they were assigned? I brought this up for two reasons. The first is that I believe everyone in the work place should be treated fairly and be paid a living wage. Its good for the employees and even better for the economy. Secondly, I am working on a new website, maecharlesbooks.com. I am including a how to business book, along with a money manager¬†not only for business but also for individuals and my other book, “Misplaced Trust.”